Do you like getting out and enjoying the great outdoors?


Are you looking for a way to raise your heart rate and get in shape but not keen on pounding the pavement?  Nordic walking might be just the right activity for you.

Unlike regular walking, Nordic walking works by applying force to hand-held poles with each stride.  Once you improve your technique, you’ll notice that your stride lengthens. This is part of the progression which involves learning to use your whole body to walk with poles.  You will feel like it is easier than ordinary walking but you’ll be burning more calories!

Nordic walking works within the normal rhythmic patterns of walking, making it a safe exercise for almost all participants.  The natural shoulder extension,  the push against the poles and the use of a longer stride increase the work done, making it more active than ordinary walking.  Using poles can also increase balance and alleviate stress on weight-bearing joints.  This technique's motto should be "The Gentle Way to Top Fitness."